Virtual Walks in Nature

Explore Nature - Florida, Ireland, Maine, Hawaii, and the Caribbean - and Never Leave Home!

Your treadmill can transport you to green forests in Ireland, Maine, Florida, Hawaii, Islands in the Caribbean, and even a walk through a forest during all four seasons!

If you love Nature, its beauty, its scenery, and its solitude, then you'll love taking one of our virtual walks through different natural settings, such as:


Your 1 hour Ireland Nature Virtual Walk begins on a spring day deep in a forest in western Ireland. As you turn and head down a woodland path, you notice that the Irish forest is populated with a variety of plants. During your 60 minute walk you pass through old brick and stone walls on the grounds of an historic Irish country estate. Your walk takes you through ever changing woodlands with large evergreen trees which have taken on unusual shapes.

The Irish forest is alive with bird sounds on a spring day and walking further on the path takes you ever deeper into the forest. You are alone in the green woodlands - a solitary walker deep in a mature Irish forest which, in spring, takes on a new life, as the trees begin to grow with a new vitality. Ireland in May is a walker's paradise. Your walk is filled with an idyllic natural environment where moss and ferns interplay with old-growth cedar and fir trees. Nature lovers will appreciate this peaceful 60 minute walk on your treadmill.


The first part of your 60 minute Maine Nature Virtual Walk begins at Acadia National Park's Hunter's Brook Trail off Champlain Road near its intersection with Park Loop Road. The trail follows a clear mountain stream as it rushes down the hillside. From time to time you pause briefly to take in the beautiful scenery that is to be discovered along the trail. Then it's back to the trail as you travel deeper into the forest. This national park actually began 18,000 years ago as a glacial sheet of ice nearly a mile high.

Further into the forest trail, the stream gets narrower and the trail transports you up some rocks and by a scenic cove before your walk takes you beside Maine's rocky coastline. Once again the camera pauses briefly from time to time to take in the scenic vistas before continuing on and the terrain changes and you pause to watch a small red squirrel aggressively defending his territory from you and the camera. As you continue following the rocky shoreline, the trail gets steeper and your one hour Maine Nature Treadmill Scenery Walk ends at another scenic vista with blue ocean in the distance.


The first part of your 60 minute Florida Nature Virtual Walk begins in a typical Florida forest - alive with bird sounds, palm trees and large live oaks. Walking at approximately 3 miles per hour, you enjoy the lush green plant life that abounds in this old growth forest and the further you go, the more beautiful the scenery becomes. This is the "real" Florida, an area visited by few tourists. Soon, your walk takes you on an elevated boardwalk and into a Cypress swamp where the camera stops briefly from time to time to allow you to enjoy the amazing views. The last segment of your Florida Nature walk takes you to another Cypress swamp in the early morning where you discover small Resurrection ferns are growing everywhere. Still water ponds, alive with fish, are discovered throughout this nature walk.

The second volume of Florida Nature Walk was filmed near the west coast of Florida, in an area that dates back to the 1930s and the Civilian Conservation Corps. Beginning in a typical Florida dry prairie - usually flat with dense cover of grasses and saw palmetto, you discover a profusion of Spanish-moss hanging from the tree limbs. Spanish moss is an epiphyte which absorbs nutrients and water through its leaves from the air and rainfall. Also found along the trail, the Sabal palm is one of 15 species of palmetto palm and is native to the deep southern United States and is the state tree of Florida. For a few minutes your trail parallels the river and the camera pauses from time to time to take in the view. Then it's back to the trail as it winds its way through the forest - one moment the foliage almost engulfs the trail - the next, it opens up.

Although the changes are subtle, your trail is always changing with interestingly shaped trees everywhere. The winding trail pulls you forward deeper into the forest. Your one hour Florida Nature Walk - Volume 2 continues in another forest near the east coast of Florida. Again, just as on the west coast, saw palmettos abound but this time, in addition to the sandy path through the forest there are long sections of elevated boardwalk over the wetter sections of the forest. The boardwalk turns corners around trees and follows a winding path through the forest until it transitions back to the sandy trail. Then it's on through more forest lined with saw palmettos before your 60 minute Florida Nature Virtual Walk - Volume 2 ends deep in the native forest.


Your 60 minute Hawaii Nature Virtual Walk begins beside the 32 acre lake located within the 400 acre botanical garden where you walk along the edge of the lake populated with ducks, geese, fish, and assorted fishermen (catch and release only). Such a beautiful location for a walk with numerous tropical trees and colorful flowers and even the strange "Cannonball Tree." From time to time you pause to enjoy the scene before then moving on through more tropical scenery. The park includes many types of palms and tropical plants including Frangipani trees. Waterfowl, including ducks, abound in Hawaii and are a joy to feed and fun to watch.

Continuing around the lake and crossing a bridge before continuing on beside the lake. You turn away from the lake and the scenery begins to change and you cross another bridge and enter a garden that is best described as a "tunnel of trees." The trail, constantly twisting and turning, is always interesting. The backdrop of the mountains, reminiscent of "Jurassic Park," is breathtaking. In this section of your walk, the fresh Kaneohe breeze picks up. Many people rate this botanical garden as a "gem hidden in Kaneohe" and a "must see." This park sits at the foot of the Ko'olau Mountains and is a nature-lover's paradise. And your treadmill can take you here.


This Nature Virtual Walk begins in a lush, green valley on Roatan, a tropical island in Honduras. You pass a variety of native tropical plants, areca palms, ginger plants, fishtale palms, orchids, and bromeliads. Today, Roatan has become a popular eco-tourism destination in Honduras. One can't help but enjoy the lush plant life on the island. Soon the path becomes steep and narrow and your climb up the mountain becomes more difficult.

The path is so steep, there are numerous switchbacks to manage and remember, this is not a manicured tropical garden, you see it just as it exists in Nature with new fronds green and alive and older fronds, brown and returning to the earth to nourish new plants, in Nature's never-ending cycle. And the narrow path leads ever higher and higher until you reach the summit and pause to take in its spectacular view of Anthony's Key. Continuing on along the ridgeline, you pass through a magnificent palm allée that extends on and on, until you begin your trek down the mountainside, this time following a different path.

You eventually arrive at the lush valley floor filled with its variety of tropical flora. The second half of your Caribbean Nature Walk begins in Mexico in a reconstructed Mayan village with winding paths and replica statuary alongside native tropical plants you feel as if you are a thousand years back in time and walking in an authentic Mayan Village and viewing numerous Mayan replica sculptures. Leaving the reconstructed Mayan Village you enter another tropical foliage area with even more palms to admire. Your 52 minute Caribbean Nature Walk ends on a tropical Mexican beach at the water's edge.

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So if you love Nature, pick out a location and order either a DVD or a High Def Download today. Tomorrow you could be taking a Nature virtual walk in Ireland, Maine, Florida, Hawaii, or the Caribbean. So much natural beauty and tranquility here, waiting for you to experience!